Postie's Unlikely Friend

Publish Date
Tuesday, 2 August 2016, 10:19PM

Te Puke dog owner Michael Collins said he was touched to see his local postman take a shine to his prize German Shepherd pup Kyza.

He said the nine-month-old pet waited eagerly for his daily visit from "Steve the postman" and seemed to lap up the attention.

In a video that has garnered a staggering 578,000 views on Facebook in just one day the encounter is captured showing the dog crouching low behind the property's gate before patiently and quietly greeting the friendly postie.

First making sure to take care of the mail, the postman then beckons to the dog to approach before affectionately lavishing him with dozens of strokes.

In return Kyza licks his face, tail wagging, before the postie returns to his run.

Collins said it was a beautiful thing to witness and put a different spin on a dog that people might think was a little fearsome.

"I just wanted to show the positivety. You always see on the news about dog attacks and the whole stereotype of postie and dogs are challenged in this video."

He thanked the postman for taking the time to give his dog a hug and a pat and encouraged him to keep up the good job.

- NZ Herald