You can now watch full Genesis concerts on Youtube and it feels as if you're really in the audience

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 May 2020, 4:04PM

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers' Genesis are releasing entire concert videos on Youtube, to remind folks of what it's like to be at a concert. They are calling it the Genesis Film Festival.

Their first release is entire footage of 'Genesis Live At Wembley Stadium' from 1987. 

The band performed 4 sold-out shows in London from 1-4 July, promoting their 13th studio album, Invisible Touch. 

It is said that nearly 290,000 tickets were sold for these 4 shows, and it is clear from the footage that barely a single seat is empty.

Watch the video above to feel completely a part of the action, however, you will only have until Saturday to do so. 

The band will be removing the Youtube clip and replacing it with another full-length concert from their The Way We Walk Tour.