Why Are People Fleeing Auckland?

Publish Date
Wednesday, 24 August 2016, 10:39AM

A third of Aucklanders have considered moving out of the city as it becomes increasingly unaffordable, a new survey reveals.

Experts say the trend could leave the city short of workers such as teachers, nurses and police who can earn similar salaries in more affordable cities.

A poll conducted for website The Spinoff by research company SSI found one in three people (32.2 per cent) surveyed had considered moving away from Auckland in the last two years because of house prices.

A further 36 per cent hadn't considered the option but thought it was a good idea. Auckland housing prices have risen by 85 per cent in the last four years, taking the average price to around nine times the average household's income.

Auckland's median house price for June was $825,000, according to Real Estate Institute data.

Salvation Army social policy analyst Alan Johnson was unsurprised by the results.

"There's people leaving Auckland in bigger numbers than ever because of the house prices. It will undermine the city's competitiveness. People doing lower paid jobs, particularly in the service and construction sectors, need to be able to afford to live in the city," Johnson said.

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