Watch: Unemployed Man Spends $30k To Look Like David Beckham But Looks Nothing Like Him

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 12:17PM

There are many celebrity look-alikes floating around the planet; some of these people have spend thousands on surgery to look like the Kardashians, or even a Barbie doll!

19 year old Jack Johnson has spent the equivalent of around $31,000 NZD to look like David Beckham.

However... we can't help but notice the resemblance doesn't actually exist:

Photo credit: Snapchat - JackJohnson

He revealed in an interview with The Daily Star "I really like David Beckham. He is great. I like his luxury lifestyle. I wanted to look like him since two years ago or so. I have copied his hair and changed that when he has had new haircuts."

Jack is on an unemployment benefit in the UK and has been using the money to fund his obsession to look like Mr Beckham.

Johnson has now since appeared on This Morning copping a lot of flack from the presenters and wider public. 

Viewers focused on Phil Scofield's sarcastic responses to Jack and couldn't contain their laughter at his no-nonsense interview style.

Getting straight to the point, Phil said: "You don't look like David Beckham and you are incredibly in debt."

Responding and discussing his reason for wanting to look like Becks, Jack said: "I lost myself inside, it's alright covering up with make-up or trying to make yourself look better but inside I didn't feel nice so David Beckham, I have always loved him. I love his lifestyle, I love the way he looks, I love how he presents himself, do you know what I mean?

"That's why I want to be like him. When I get my goal to look like him, I feel much better about myself inside."

Watch for yourself: