The Secret to Peeling a Boiled Egg in Seconds

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Monday, 3 October 2016, 1:02PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Most of us have experienced the pain of cooking the perfect boiled egg, only to ruin it in the peeling process, leaving it in a crater-filled mess.

However, a new life hack doing the rounds could change all that.

By just adding baking soda to your pan of hot water, some people claim the egg shell will easily fall away.

A teaspoon of the white powder will save you from clawing away at the hard shell around the egg, according to US TV station WBTV's Morning Break program.

It claims, after doing research online, that fresh eggs are more acidic, which makes them harder to peel because the egg white adheres closer to the shell.

But the show said that if the egg has been kept in the fridge for several days, the pH level of the egg white increases, making it more alkaline, and therefore easier to peel.