Seven Sharp Presenter Toni Street Slams Fake Diet Pill Claims

Publish Date
Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 11:06AM

Seven Sharp's Toni Street is distancing herself from an internet diet scam using her image to peddle pills.

Street said she was concerned people were starting to fall for bogus social media advertisements promoting Garcinia cambogia supplements.

The advertisements appear under the guise of a published article promising extra stones would vanish using the pills.

She used her high profile news show to slam the claims.

"You may have seen my face all over your Facebook feeds endorsing a miracle weight loss cure in some cosmopolitan article. In it I say that despite lecturing you all on the importance of diet and exercise I've been secretly popping diet pills and my lies have been exposed.

"To be completely clear the whole thing is a fake, a complete and utter scam."

She said the images used in the so-called advertisements were stolen and social media posts were fabricated.

She was angry she was being made out to be a liar and made to look as if she was supporting the hoax.

She felt she needed to address the issue after people started to contact her directly about the pills.

"Real people are actually losing real money here and I've been painted as someone who lies and peddles diet pills."

She advised people to treat the fictitious claims with a healthy dose of scepticism and give it a wide berth.

- NZ Herald