PM to deliver major speech on perceived threats

Publish Date
Wednesday, 5 November 2014, 6:48AM
<p>The Prime Minister will today outline why New Zealand needs to beef up terrorism protection.</p> <p>John Key will deliver a speech he's been signalling for some time.</p> <p>It'll outline options open to this country to fight against the ISIS scourge in Iraq and Syria and he says it'll also explore what can be done about Kiwis fighting for terrorists abroad.</p> <p>"People who fit within the criteria of us believing that they present a credible and serious threat at varying different degrees and they include people who are looking to go and fight and people who are looking to raise resources."</p> <p>The speech will cover the foreign fighter issue, funds being sent offshore for terrorist groups and what options are open to this country in the fight against ISIS.</p> <p>Mr Key wants new security laws in place by Christmas in advance of the Cricket World Cup in February.</p> <p>After a briefing, Labour's indicated it'll support the moves in principle.</p> <p>The issue that will attract more debate though is how New Zealand assists the fight against ISIS.</p> <p>After Mr Key's speech that'll be debated in Parliament this afternoon.</p> <p>John Key will deliver his speech to the Institute of International Affairs at 11:30am.</p>