Leaked Images of The New iPhone 7 Reveals it's Ditched Major Features

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Friday, 13 May 2016, 1:13PM
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

The internet has been a flurry with constant speculation around Apple’s new iPhone 7 and the features it will and won’t have, but we can now be better sure what to expect with the new iPhone thanks to blueprints provided by a highly reliable source, uSwitch

The one big game changer that the blueprints reveal is that they’ve completely ditched the iPhone Plus.

Big fans of the significantly larger model will have to prepare to keep their current plus until the point of death if they want to keep that larger screen. 

The leaked images were provided by tech insider, Steve Hemmerstoffe, and they show two new iPhone 7 models which are exactly the same size.

According to the images, there will be a standard and a “Pro” model.

The best part about the Pro model will be be the advanced duel camera. Instagram users will defs love this phone for that advanced camera power. 

The other epic feature of the Pro has got to be the ‘Smart Connector’ which will provide data and power simultaneously, meaning you can connect things like keyboards or headphones without needing an external power source. 

And as it has been rumoured for months, these leaks show that there will be NO headphone jack. So you’ll need to use Bluetooth or Lightning connections for headphones.

Hmm we can see that this is gonna divide the public.