Husbands reveal the worst things about marriage

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Monday, 22 August 2016, 3:06PM
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

There are plenty of things, menial and major, for married couples to argue about.

But it seems husbands are currently leading the charge when it comes to complaints since hundreds of thoughts about demanding wives have been compiled into a viral thread on Imgur.

Viewed more than 270,000 times, comments such as "I didn't know there was a wrong way to put milk back in the fridge until I got married" have struck a chord with the internet.

From pedantic gripes to confessions about their poor efforts to help around the house, men have shared a range of off-putting thoughts on matrimony.

According to Pete Lynch, "Marriage teaches you a lot about yourself. For instance, I've learned that I don't need to use so many paper towels, and they're expensive."

The same man who shared his lesson learnt about putting milk in the fridge "correctly" tweeted: "My wife said I needed to grow up. I was speechless. It's hard to say anything when you have 45 gummy bears in your mouth".

And in a tweet that has been liked and shared hundreds of times, Simon Holland revealed his latest schooling by his wife: "Headed to Goodwill to buy back something I donated yesterday because this is my lesson on why marriage communication is so important."

Several men shared their simple, if not a little sad, summaries of marriage.

Daniel Carrillo wrote: "Marriage is just texting each other 'Do we need anything from the grocery store?' a bunch of times until one of you dies."

Food critic Troy Johnson tweeted: "Marriage is mostly about knowing which hand towels you can use and which ones are for the better people who visit your wife's home."

When it came to contributing to the running of a household, some men admitted their efforts fell short.

Rodney Lacroix summed up an apparently commonplace conversation between him and his wife: "Me: I spent HALF as much as YOU usually do on groceries. Wife: Congratulations. [2 hours later] Me: We have nothing to eat in this house."

Another admitted a common line he uses on his wife: "'I was just about to do that chore that I see you're starting now."

While David Hughes wrote about his default reaction to greeting his wife at the and of the day: "I'm afraid there's been a terrible accident involving all the things you asked me to do today."

And another tweeted: "If my wife ever hired a private detective to follow me, it would be to get pictures of me not using the coupons I said I used."

While there were few confessions of revenge, one man wrote: "When my wife p***es me off, I get on her Pinterest and pin lots of mediocre s***, like cupcakes that just look like cupcakes."