Huey Lewis opens up about hearing loss and the release of the band's latest album which "may be" their last

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020, 4:59PM

Grammy award winner, Huey Lewis has opened up about his hearing loss in a television interview with TODAY in America. 

Earlier this week, Huey Lewis and The News released their tenth studio album titled 'Weather' which "may be" the band's final. 

33 years ago, in the height of the band's fame, Lewis lost 80 percent of his hearing in his right ear and was diagnosed with Meniere's disease, a disorder affecting the inner ear that can trigger spells of dizziness as well as major hearing loss. 

Video: TODAY / Youtube

In April 2018, Lewis lost the bulk of his hearing in his left ear which eventually resulted in the band calling off a tour, announcing that Lewis "can't hear music well enough to sing."

"I can't hear the notes — I just hear cacophony," Lewis says. 

Although Lewis hasn't been able to tour or sing music, he has pent his time working on a musical based on Huey Lewis and The News tunes, titled The Heart of Rock & Roll. 

The band's two biggest-selling hits, "The Power of Love" and "I Want a New Drug," were both million-selling singles in the U.S., certified Gold by the RIAA.