Heath Ledger’s Daughter is About to Turn 11 & Looks Like Her Dad!

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016, 10:18AM

It's Matilda Ledger's 11th birthday next week, and she's beginning to look like her late father, Heath Ledger.

It's been over eight years since the world lost the beloved Aussie actor at the young age of 28. His daughter, Matilda, was just two-years-old.

Cute cute cute cute! #heathledger #matildaledger

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Today, the now 10-year-old was snapped walking around Brooklyn with her mum, Michelle Williams, and grandmother, Carla Swenson - and it's safe to say, she is quickly becoming the spitting image of her mother and late father combined. 

Matilda turns 11 on October 28!