Could an Oasis reunion be closer than we think?

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Monday, 23 March 2020, 10:35AM
Oasis were last on stage together in 2009. Getty Images

Oasis were last on stage together in 2009. Getty Images

The feud between Noel and Liam Gallagher is no secret to the world. The men behind English rock band Oasis haven't been on stage together since 2009, with their disagreements often broadcast publicly. 

However, Liam (47) has shocked fans as he took to twitter to call on his brother Noel to agree to a "one-off" reunion in aid of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Suggesting that the reconciliation would be part of a charity fundraiser, Noel even put the idea to The Smiths and The Cheeky Girls to give the lineup even more flair. 

In typical Liam style, his Twitter post read "Listen seriously a lot of people think I'm a c*** and I am a good looking c***. But once this is put to bed we need to get oasis back for one hell of gig right! For charity c'mon Noel we can then go back to our amazing solo careers c'mon".

The singer continued with his rant in a second tweet, other bands who have reunited.

"All these miserably f***ing c**** in bands who think there too cool for school The Jam c'mon Weller, The Smiths c'mon Marr Rkid Oasis c'mon noel what a gig oh and the Cheeky Girls what a f***ing line up c'mon you know."

Liam then posted a series of videos of himself singing Oasis classics, as his own way of encouraging people to wash their hands. including Champagne Soapanova. Note, a few of these lyrics are adjusted and may not be suitable for sensitive ears!