Climate Change Could Affect Our Coffee and Now We're Nervous

Publish Date
Friday, 30 September 2016, 12:27PM

Coffee lovers. Bad news.

According to a new study, coffee production across the globe is being threatened by global warming. Put the diminishing supply or coffee with the increased demand and you've got a problem here.

Scientists at the Climate Institute recently published a report that shows coffee beans are having a difficult time surviving in our planet’s increasingly warmer temperatures.

They go into detail about the major issues that are facing coffee bean production, making a clear case that we’re going to soon have some serious problems getting a standard coffee unless changes are made. And while it would be inconvenient to people like us who rely on the stuff to wake up, it is even worse for countries who depend on coffee beans as their major export

The report states that if carbon dioxide emissions aren’t severely reduced in the near future, we could literally cut our coffee production in half by 2050. They even go as far as to say it could be ~extinct~ by 2080.

Scientists point out that there are ways around challenges coffee bean growers are facing, but many don't have access to the necessary resources that would make coffee bean production viable. 

For those that do attempt to continue coffee bean production despite their limited resources and increasing climate pressures, they’ll face major issues with diseases and pests since the warmer weather makes it easier for them to destroy the plants that do grow.

So if you needed another good reason to get serious about climate change, hopefully this is it.