Bitter backlash over 'Rack Appreciation Society'

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 October 2014, 8:12AM

There's been a bitter backlash directed towards young men involved in a Facebook group featuring explicit pictures of women.

The now removed 'Rack Appreciation Society' had around 2000 members, with a number of them posting pictures of scantly clad or nude girlfriends and ex-girlfriends.

But since the existence of the page became public this week, groups have started popping up attacking those involved.

One man, who was invited onto the page, says he knows of people who are scared to return to their homes.

"Their addresses have been exposed on the internet, going back to their flats to find people there or getting threats from people wanting to go to their houses and confront them."

The former member says he's also been subjected to a number of threats, even though he didn't post anything on the page.

One of its administrators, a student at Otago University has apologised, saying he created the page out of respect for the female form.

Dianne Smith, from Rape Crisis Dunedin, says while they would never condone a witch hunt, those involved need to admit they've done something wrong.

"People who are involved stepping up and admitting what they have done and recognising the harm that it's caused."

Ms Smith says there are proper channels for those affected to go down - and threats of violence aren't one of them.

"It's not appropriate for people to respond to this by threats, intimidation."

Source: Newstalk ZB