Big Wednesday: 209 lucky winners

Publish Date
Thursday, 1 October 2015, 9:24AM

The final Big Wednesday draw took place last night, with 209 lucky players from around the country splitting the $15 million jackpot.

The numbers were 2, 8, 16, 26, 43, 44 and the toss of the coin came up heads.

As there were no First Division winners on the night, the entire $15 million jackpot rolled down to the Third Division, which was the next highest division with winners.

The 209 Big Wednesday players will welcome a boost to their bank accounts to the tune of $87,272 each.

The details of the winning stores and locations will be available tomorrow morning.

Big Wednesday has finished to make way for Lotto, Powerball and Strike to be played on Wednesday as well as Saturday from next Wednesday.

Lotto NZ's advice for all of this week's Big Wednesday winners is to write their name and address on the back of their ticket and confirm their win at their local Lotto store.

• This is the fourth Must Be Won draw in the history of Big Wednesday
• This is the largest number of players to share a First Division lottery jackpot in New Zealand
• In a Must Be Won draw, if no ticket strikes the First Division, the prize pool rolls down to the next highest division with winners. There were no also no Second Division winners tonight, therefore the First and Second Division prize pools rolled down to the Third Division.

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