'Back To The Future' cast reuniting after first film released 35 years ago

Publish Date
Monday, 11 May 2020, 3:27PM

The stars of the classic Back To The Future films will be reuniting for a Q & A session to raise money for humanitarian relief charity, Project Hope.

The reunion will be done virtually and hosted by Josh Gad as part of his Reunited Apart series on Youtube.

From what we've seen, the likes of Christopher Lloyd, aka Doc Brown, and Michael J Fox, aka Marty McFly, are certainties to feature in the reunion, with many more being added. 

Lea Thompson, who played Marty’s mother in the franchise, Lorraine Baines, will also be involved and joined Gad in a short but sweet video earlier this week to make the announcement.

You can watch the full announcement video below.

Aside from Thompson, Fox and Lloyd being featured, we are left somewhat in the dark as to who else is taking part. However, in an image posted by Gad to Instagram, we can see at least 10 participants in the Zoom call. 

The episode of Gad's Reunited Apart is will be live on his Youtube channel from 6pm NZT tomorrow.