Are You Painting Your Nails Wrong?

Publish Date
Friday, 16 September 2016, 1:28PM

It's not an easy task painting your nails. They chip, you get varnish on your nails, it's just fiddly business. 

But here's a technique tip that will get you that much closer to a perfect manicure.

Essie's lead nail artist and celeb manicurist Julie Kandalec has a super simple yet often overlooked tip on how to keep your cuticles clean.

"I always tell my girls not to go all the way to the edge of the nail [when applying any shade]," said the pro. "Because remover will emulsify [a.k.a. liquefy] the polish and it'll bleed onto the skin." 

Since she also divulged that dark shades like blues, metallics and reds are hot this season.

So, next time you're doing your nails, get close but try not to get paint into those cuticle lines.